• Dr. Tie Liu

    Associate Professor, Office: 301FA WEB,  Phone: 979.862.2392, Fax:  979.862.4630,  Email: tieliu@ece.tamu.edu

    Dr. Tie Liu
  • Dr. Erchin Serpedin

    Professor, Office: 310MC&B WEB, Phone: 979.458.2287, Fax: 979.862.4630, Email serpedin@ece.tamu.edu  

    Dr. Erchin Serpedin
  • Dr. P. R. Kumar

    Engineering Chair in Computer Engineering Office: Room 331E, WEB Administrative Coordinator: Carolyn Warzon carolyn@ece.tamu.edu, Tel: (979) 862-1645 Mailing Address: Texas A&M University 3259 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-3259 Email: prk.tamu@gmail.com

    Dr. P. R. Kumar
  • Dr. Jean-Francois Chamberland

    Associate Professor, Office:  301RA WEB, Phone:  979.845.6204,  Fax:  979.862.4630,  Email:  chmbrlnd@ece.tamu.edu

    Dr. Jean-Francois Chamberland
  • Dr. Zixiang Xiong

    Professor, Office: 334H WEB, Phone: 979.862.8683, Fax: 979.862.4630, Email: zx@ece.tamu.edu

    Dr. Zixiang Xiong
  • Dr. Krishna R. Narayanan

    Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Office: 334K WEB,  Phone: 979.862.2691,  Fax: 979.862.4630,  Email: krn@ece.tamu.edu  

    Dr. Krishna R. Narayanan
  • Dr. Shuguang (Robert) Cui

    Professor, Office: 301G WEB,  Phone: 979.862.7957,  Fax: 979.862.4630,  Email: cui@ece.tamu.edu

    Dr. Shuguang (Robert) Cui
  • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharyya

    Robert M. Kennedy ’26 Professor I,  Office: 244C WEB,  Phone: 979.845.7484, Fax:  979.845.6259, Email: bhatt@ece.tamu.edu  

    Dr. Shankar Bhattacharyya
  • Dr. Costas Georghiades

    Delbert A. Whitaker Endowed Chair Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Office: 241C ZEC/301S WEB,  Phone: 979.845.7408,  Fax: 979.845.6259,  Email  georghiades@tamu.edu  

    Dr. Costas Georghiades
  • Dr. Scott Miller

    Professor, Office: 310B WEB, Phone: 979.862.8744,  Fax: 979.862.4630,  Email  smiller@ece.tamu.edu  

    Dr. Scott Miller
  • Dr. Serap Savari

    Associate Professor, Office: 308G WEB, Phone: 979.845.6824, Fax:  979.862.4630, Email: savari@ece.tamu.edu  

    Dr. Serap Savari
  • Dr. Aniruddha Datta

      J.W. Runyon, Jr. ’35 Professor II,Office: 216N ZEC,  Phone: 979.845.5917,  Fax: 979.845.6259,  Email: datta@ece.tamu.edu  

    Dr. Aniruddha Datta

Cui Receives 2012 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

Dr. Shuguang (Robert) Cui, assistant professor in the department, was announced as the winner of the prestigious 2012 IEEE SP Society Best Paper Award. The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Best Paper Award honors the authors of a journal paper of exceptional merit dealing with a subject related to the Society’s technical scope, and appearing […]

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Xiong Receives 2012 NSF Grant

“Multiterminal Video Coding: From Theory to Practice,” (NSF Communications and Information Foundations Program), 2012-2014.

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Cui receives NSF grant for wireless communication systems research

Dr. Shuguang Cui, an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M Universit,y was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for his research. Cui received the four-year grant as the lead principal investigator (PI) in a multiuniversity interdisciplinary team, with expertise across communication engineering, computer science, and statistics. […]

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