This section contains a description of some of the courses offered by the Information Science and Systems group at Texas A&M University. This information serves two purposes. First, it can be of assistance to students trying to decide which courses they should take. For instance, this site briefly describes the material a student is expected to master after completing the course. Secondly, it helps instructors offer well-coordinated courses that are consistent across sections and semesters.


Undergraduate Courses

Course No. Title
303 Random Signals and Systems
314 Signals and Systems
420 Control Systems
421 Digital Control
444 Digital Signal Processing
448 Real Time Digital Signal Processing
455 Digital Communications
478 Wireless Communications
489 Design and Analysis of Communication Networks


Graduate Courses


Additional Courses

Texas A&M University offers a large number of courses pertinent to researchers in the area of information science and systems. Plus alternate courses that can be considered essential, relevant, or simply interesting. Graduate students will likely have the unfulfilled desire to attend more classes than time permits. Selecting the right courses and instructors is therefore important.