Welcome to the ISS group webpage which will provide information about the research and educational activities in the area of Information Science and Systems. At a broad level, our research pertains to the acquisition, representation, protection, communication and extraction of information. Within this context, there are several research projects that include both fundamental research as well as applied research. Typical applications are in wireless networks, sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks, data storage systems, aircraft control, intelligent vehicular systems and robotics. Several research efforts in the group are relevant to the development of wireless standards such as 3G Cellular LTE, IEEE 802.16, Wi-Max, Wi-Gig, etc.

Our mission is to

  • Lead a culture of excellence and integrity in research on ISS;
  • Challenge and educate young minds, preparing them for an exciting and productive future;
  • Synergize with industries to establish strong long-lasting partnerships.

With 10 full time faculty, 13 affiliated faculty and more than 70 graduate and undergraduate research students working on cutting-edge research, our group is one of the most vibrant and largest research groups in ISS in the nation. We offer more than 25 undergraduate and graduate courses in the ISS area which provide the opportunity for students to acquire a wide variety of skills pertaining to ISS.
Several of our faculty members have won prestigious national awards and have been recognized both internally and externally for their various contributions to research and education in engineering.


The offices of the ISS group are located on the 3rd floor of Wisenbaker Engineering Building (WEB). Click here to see the location on Google maps.

Contact Information

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